Gas Credit Cards - Sensible Savings at The Pump

Gas cards are becoming an increasingly popular way to deal with the constant rise in fuel prices and the inevitable budget crunches that follow. The idea behind a gas card, also referred to as gas rebate cards, or gas credit cards, is that a gas rebate card is one where you use a credit card to pay for your fuel, and as a bonus up to an impressive 5-10% of your bill will be taken off at the pump.

There are many different types of gas credit cards, and some offer great bonuses outside of just the gas pump. Many gas cards start with 0% introductory interest from anywhere between a month or even up to six months. Aside from the up to 10% off gas (though check each card's terms, because this number is not set in stone), many cards will give small rebates back on other purchases, as well, like 5% off groceries, or 1% off all purchases.

This can be a great deal for consumers, especially early on when the benefits are at their peak, but there are things to watch out for to make sure you get the best deal. Other cards look good, but only offer the discount for a very short time before the interest rate jumps up to ridiculous amounts. Obviously, this erases any of the savings the card gave.

However, good gas cards can be very helpful and offer consumers good savings, especially those who are forced into long commutes for their daily job. Some major points to look over when trying to find a gas card:

Getting answers to these questions will help you determine whether or not the gas credit card you are looking at is a great deal, or just another credit card in your wallet. There are great gas cards out there, and finding the right one is what will determine whether your experience saves you money at the pump and in your pocket.

As with any credit card offering bonuses for spending, be sure that the pay-off is worth it. If the interest on your gas card is something ridiculous, like in the range of 20%, then it doesn't make sense to use this card at all because those savings you get won't come close to matching the interest charges. In that situation, any normal low percentage card would be a better choice than a gas card with terms that are that unfriendly.

A gas credit card can be a great way to save money, and if you get paid once every two weeks, you know how hard stretching a budget can be. If you can get some discounts during the middle of the month before the next check comes in, then by all means, why not? A good gas card will have a long list of valuable benefits that can help you save on the day-to-day expenses, and certainly should add up compared to cards without any added rebates and/or benefits.

A good gas card is an excellent way to gain some savings at the pump, and in today's economy, every little bit helps.