Enjoying Rebates With Gas Cards

Gas prices may be at an all time high here in the United States but that doesn't mean we have to walk around with heads looking at the ground, this is no way to live our lives! Instead, we should be looking at other alternatives to find ways to save on gas. Besides working on our driving habits, there is another thing on the market that can give back to you and it is called a gas credit card.

A gas credit card such as the Visa is a great way to save on gasoline. For instance, for the first sixty days you can save ten percent on your fillups at any gas station. Some find that is better than nothing but others seem that they can do better. In my opinion, I truly believe that this is one of the best cards on the market. You may start to think that just because this is an introductory rate that the rates after the card are going to be awful and that could not be further from the truth. In fact, after the sixty days are up, you can save five percent! If you look at most cards on the market, some do not even live up to this for their intro rate! What do you think about that?

Gas rebate cards can save many people a lot of money and it is important that you remember a few steps before you start swiping that card the gas pump. Credit card companies stay in business by charging you a huge interest rate on your unpaid bill. A credit card like I mentioned above has a low industry standard rate of about ten percent. Remember, this rate changes constantly. If you do not pay your bill off in full, that rate is going to be applied to your bill over the long run. This is why it is important that you pay your bill off in full each month so that you don't get tacked with that interest rate.

By now you are probably wondering that ten percent for the card mentioned above isn't even that much money but let's put the math to work so that I can show you exactly how much you can save. Let's make things easy and say that gas is four dollars a gallon and you fill up with ten gallons each week. Your total gas bill is going to be forty dollars. Let's take that forty dollars and deduct the ten percent for the first sixty days. Sixty days equals about eight weeks. We are now saving four dollars a week. Let's take that four dollars we saved and multiply it by eight weeks. We now have a savings of thirty-two dollars. Do you see how quick we can save on gas? It works wonders!

There are hundreds of cards on the market. Look around online for gas cards and see which one fits your style. There are so many rewards and perks, there's definitely a card out there for you regardless of your credit. Look around, find the card and start saving today!