The Gas Credit Card Rewards Systems

If you are in the hunt for a gas credit card, you may find that the rewards out there vary from getting cash back to a point based system. Depending on how you want your rewards, there are a few ways you can get them and today, I will explain the top ways credit card companies distribute your rewards. Hopefully by the time you browse over them, you'll know exactly how you will want your card to work.

Cash back rewards system

A cash back reward system is exactly how it sounds. For every dollar you spend or with a gas credit card, it will be for every gallon you fill up with, you'll get cash back. Let's make an example really quick. Let's say that you apply for a card that gives you five percent back per gallon. If the cost of gas is three dollars, you are going to only pay two eighty-five per gallon. When you receive your credit card statement, they will knock the prices off that way. You usually will not see the savings instantly.

The points system

Some people like the point system and some don't but it all depends on your needs. A point-based system is very similar to the cash back system but you are going to get points back instead. Most cards generally work that when you spend a dollar, you will get a point. Sometimes you may find that they have deal days where you can get double or triple points on particular purchases.

Every time you spend your money, your points will go into your account. Either you can check your points online in your profile or you can simply glance at your statement. Your statement will usually say how many points you have. From there, you will be able to log into the online store and see what they have to offer. Most people think that point based stores will have nothing but garbage but this could not be further from the truth. You can usually get anything from gift cards to just about any popular retailer to electronics, plane tickets, and so much! Sometimes people find that the point-based system gives them more back than a cash back system.

The miles per dollar

The miles per dollar are rare and you mostly see this with airline cards but sometimes you will see them with gas rebates as well. Every time you spend a dollar, you will get a mile and like the point-based system, the more miles you rack up, the more you earn. So for example, if you spend $2,500, you can get 2500 miles and that in turn can turn into a $25 gift card.

These rewards are the top three on the market and these are what most credit card companies' use. It's up to you to do your research on not only the rewards but the cards themselves. A credit card can really save you a lot of money if you use them properly. Spend wisely and the rewards shall come.