Which Credit Card Is Right For You?

With the dawn of information technology, what looked like a daunting, unfeasible task is but a press of a button nowadays. In relation to personal finances, technology has provided us with a wide range of choices on how to go about having purchasing power without any cash on hand. Amongst the countless schemes offered by financial institutions, one option ties them all together; the credit card.

As many may know, a credit card allows its holder to purchase items up to a certain amount or credit limit, and then the balance must be paid off come time the card company sends the billing statement. If you are unable to do so, you must pay at least the minimum amount before the due date and the remaining balance will be carried over the next billing cycle coupled with interest.

The definition given in the preceding paragraph covers that of the standard credit card. However, with the market demands shifting, a regular credit card will sometimes be lacking. Different people require different financial support. With this said, here enters the various types of credit cards like the premium and secured cards.

The Regular Card

Almost all card companies have their base card or regular credit card. These are the bland colored cards with the worse interest rates and low credit limit. But as you improve your credit score, they may recommend you one of their premium cards.

The Premium Card

This type of credit card offers incentives for you. Reward points, rebates, cash backs, travel upgrades, airline miles, these are just a few of the benefits they present. These are your usual Gold and Platinum cards. The latter is considered the flagship card, therefore, is a bit harder to obtain as compared to the lesser credit cards. It requires that one has to have a good credit rating and an annual income of roughly $20,000.

The Secured Card

Next in line is the secured credit card. This particular card demands that one provide collateral with a predetermined amount prior approval. This type of credit card is usually offered to those with blemished credit history or those without any credit history. The collateral or security deposit will be placed on the card and its amount will also serve as the credit limit. Deposit can come in any form; savings account, bonds, car or even jewelry-so long as they have monetary value. These items will be utilized if ever the cardholder commits default.

Having a credit card is more than just swiping the card and paying off the bill. Between the two actions, there exist factors like interest, default, penalties and the like. In addition, these factors change from one credit card level to another. So be sure to acquire a card that is suited for your lifestyle and your financial standing.